Frequently Asked Questions
What is gpsme?
Easy to use tracking app combined with website for parents who want to follow where their children are,or for private users who seek service provider near their location, or employees tracking their workers on the field and much more whether you're at home, work, or on the road, GPSME app is helpful on a daily basis.
does gpsme need to know my phone cell number in order to function?
Gpsme Tracker does not need to know your phone cell number to function.
Can i track other users then my family?
YES, When you add a user to this app, a tracking request will be sent to the their device, asking for their permission to be tracked. Once the user accepts this one-time request, from then on you will be able to track them using your own Gpsme Tracker app
How to use the system?
Using the system is simple. Subscribe to the site and open a ticket. Then create groups of friends or work eg my employees. Prescribe the contact and send to him the Join code. the contact downloads the application and registers the code sent to him from you. From then on, as long as the app is open you can see your contacts on the map.