What Gpsme do?
Gpsme Keep Track of Your Family, Friends & Phones, car fleet, workers and much more With GPS Technology Gpsme uses state-of-the-art GPS Tracker technology to quickly and accurately locate the people you care about, providing real-time location updates using GPS navigation. The app features a GPS map with icons of family and friends at their exact locations. Parents love the Gpsme since it provide up-to-the-minute information on their child(ren)’s whereabouts. It is a useful tool to monitor the location of elder family members, helping to keep them safe. In addition to being a great people finder, Gpsme also tracks phones including mobile devices, smart phones, older devices and Androids, cars, pets and more.

Gpsme functions, features and benefits include: Gpsme technology lets you quickly locate family members and friends. Once installed on phones, it gives peace of mind to parents and allows children to maintain an active lifestyle with an extra degree of safety. track cars and workers on the road. find service providers near you and much more.

Phone Locator Worry no more when your loved ones travel! The GPS Locator function can help you locate all adventurous family and friends simultaneously via the app’s map. GPS Tracking Pro can send alerts when your loved ones have checked in at their destination, so you know they’ve arrived safe and sound. You can also watch them travel from one destination to the next via the app’s GPS map.

Gpsme is the ultimate GPS app. It provides comfort and security to those who need to know the location of their members and friends. It also helps ensure know the location of your cell phone or Droid at all times.

Gpsme uses GPS maps to ensure the most accurate, real-time reporting on the location of your family and friends. It’s a great people finder and can also help perform reverse phone lookup and phone lookup functions using GPS coordinates and GPS location data.

Gpsme Phone tracking is an easy way to monitor elder parents or friends, even if they don’t have the latest smart phones. The Gpsme app will send an invite text to your loved one’s phone. Once they reply with a “yes,” their icon will appear on the app’s map. You can now track their whereabouts 24/7. If they get lost, you can identify their location and guide them to where they need to be.

Cell Phone Tracker. Enjoy peace of mind and security with the GPS Tracking Pro. This app is also a cell phone tracker, helping you identify lost, misplaced or stolen phones via the app’s website, 27/7. Just login and your phone will appear as an icon. Click on the icon to view the exact location of your missing mobile device. You can also get printer-friendly directions to its location!

GPS Navigation. Gpsme leverages state-of-the-art GPS navigation tools and the GPS system to provide real-time data on the location of your family, friends and even phones.